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ramadan with team sociate in dubai

What does Ramadan mean to #teamSOCIATE

With Ramadan around the corner, we’ve done a nostalgia whip-round, and here are our team members’ fondest memories of the season. Share yours with us in the comments below!


Tazeen Jafri, Senior PR Executive and Storyscaper: Ramadan to me is about reflection, repentance and spending time with family. One of my fondest memories is playing video games with my brothers and sisters up until suhoor when I was in school and Ramadan would fall during our summer vacations.


Maryam Danagege, Arabic PR Executive and Game Changer: Ramadan is a month of peace, giving, and family time. I’m looking forward to hearty meals, family time, reflection, and late-night catch ups with my overseas family.


Nichole Miranda, Senior Account Executive and Grass-fed Copywriter: While I’m not Muslim, I’ve got a handful of Ramadan memories thanks to my childhood in Dubai. I have dreamy memories of iftar classics – mountains of saffron rice and scrumptious saffron and rose mocktails. As an adult, Ramadan continued to give me new memories – with flamboyant iftar tents and Ramadan photography walks in bustling parts of the city.


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