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social media management services


Your brand’s social media is its new business card.

Your target audience is more likely to look you up on social media before trying your product. Knowing who your audience is, and tailoring your strategy to suit them, is the first step to winning at social media, and eventually, at business.

Our clients vote SOCIATE as the best social media agency in Dubai, and there’s a reason why. Our social media mavens use their content creation skills and knack for data to help brands craft a winning social media strategy that gets results. We can do the same for your brand.

Our social media services include:

Social sweep session

A deep dive into your existing social media strategy, offering guidance on what can be improved to ensure it is the best it can be. Get a social media “report card” delivered straight to your inbox with practical tips and tricks you can immediately action, to meet your social media goals. We will also break the social media review down in a Zoom meeting and address your questions.

Social media packages

Telling your unique story in a way that conveys your brand at a single glance. Our social media packages include a mix of content services like captions, designed posts, and more – tailored to suit your unique budget.

Social media management

We are your one-stop shop for social media solutions. We can offer varying levels of social media support, tailored to suit your budget. Our social media management services can include community management (replying to messages and comments) and social media campaigns.

Social media consultancy

We guide, you execute. Hit us with your burning social media questions and our experts will use their several years of experience to guide you.

Our social media services include:

Social media advertising

Taking advantage of prime digital real estate with engaging ads. Advertising helps a brand achieve brand awareness, lead generation, conversions, and smashing your KPIs. Social media advertising is included in our social media packages or as a standalone service.

Social media advertising consultancy

There’s something special in managing all aspects of a new company but we could all use a little support, right? Use our wealth of knowledge and experience to get your social media advertising questions answered.

Photography and videography

Stock photos can only get your brand so far. Put your product, or team, in the spotlight with our personalised content capture services. You can use this material for social media, marketing content, and advertisements.