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your pr guru and our pr webinars

Skill up with SOCIATE – Your PR Guru and our May webinars

PR is now more important than ever. During this time of uncertainty, your brand’s audience will look to you for proactive measures and reassurance. The surest way of reaching the masses is by communicating your efforts to the media and influencer community, through public relations.


We’re on a mission to bridge the gap between consumers and PR pros, so we built a literal bridge, and it’s called Your PR Guru. Gathering 400 members in under a week, we’re excited to see the zeroes at the end of this number hit the roof as we continue building our community. 


Your PR Guru – what is it?


Your PR Guru is an educational platform where members can expect exclusive insights, educational material, and engaging interviews with PR and media thought leaders. It’s for the newbie account executive that’s not sure what a coverage report is, it’s for the nervous intern that doesn’t know what the right question to ask is (hint: no such thing as a stupid question), it’s for the seasoned PR pro that’s ready to share their knowledge, it’s for the university student that’s working on a communications thesis, it’s for everyone involved in or interested in public relations. Join our growing community at Your PR Guru on Facebook here.


There’s plenty more where that came from with SOCIATE’s webinars


We’ve got webinars that won’t send you secretly doing your laundry or making a cup of tea in the background. Tune in to our free webinar, How To Get Your Ducks In A Row, on Monday the 11th at 1 PM and our paid and popular webinar, What Is PR, on Wednesday the 20th at 1 PM for $19.99.


Our fun-filled webinars will be co-hosted by SOCIATE’s Founder and PR Guru, Rosa Bullock, and Senior Account Executive and Storyscaper, Tazeen Jafri. Expect fun anecdotes, brilliant insights, hot tips, and engaging activities. Sign up to our Zoom webinars at [email protected]


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