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tips on creating kickass Instagram page

5 tips on creating a kickass Instagram page

With screen time skyrocketing, it’s time to make your foray onto Instagram. Whether you’re promoting your brand or sharing your thoughts with the world, here are some tips to save you from doing a Rob Kardashian aka deleting all your posts every few months and starting from scratch.


Dream before you do


Don’t wing it. Once you start populating your Instagram page, keep your credibility on the up by building on a solid foundation. Winging it could leave your Instagram page looking like a social media profile from your teenage years. Start by pouring your ideas into a mood board: what’s your brand color? Do you want a minimalist or maximalist aesthetic? You don’t have a brand font yet, but what’s your Instagram font? Creating a mood board will also help you visualize what your Instagram grid will look like, without leaving you awkwardly deleting posts because they don’t look great together. 


All’s fair in love, war, and setting an Instagram handle


Don’t rush your Instagram strategy, but definitely rush to nabbing a handle. Personal anecdote: I typed in a handle I wasn’t 100% sure about and it was available. I paused for a minute to make sure that’s the handle I wanted, retyped it in, and guess what – it wasn’t available anymore. Facepalm.


Your Instagram bio is an amuse bouche, not the main course

Give your audience a snackable glimpse into your brand.
A crisp, clean, and clear bio with just the right amount of personality is the perfect formula.


Make sure your posts sing from the same song sheet


Aim for cohesion in your posts, decide in advance what your calendar for the month looks like, and schedule it in advance. This will create synergy among your posts – use a cocktail of product shots, mood shots, and team shots. If you’re the face of your brand, jazz up those selfies and publish them. Instagram posts with faces in them receive more followers and likes.


Get creative with free social media tools

The internet is the social media beginner’s playground. Design striking visuals (and even a logo) on Canva, source slick free stock images from Unsplash and Pexels, and use Later to schedule your social media posts.


For a little more help, get in touch with our social media wizards at [email protected] We offer complete social media management, guided marketing consultancy, and independent design and copywriting services.


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