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Google Ads, explained

Google Ads are a way to market your brand on the world’s most popular search engine. When someone types in a keyword related to your company, your Google Ad pops up on their screen. Google Ads can help:

– Boost your leads
– Increase your inquiries
– Increase your sales
– Improve your conversion rate
– Put you on your target audience’s radar

As a Google Advertiser, you pay a fee every time your ad is clicked on. One of our favorite features of Google Ads is that they deliver results – quickly.

Google Ads x SOCIATE

Google Ads is a specialised skill that requires time and knowledge. There’s a way to get it right.

And of course, there’s a way to get it wrong.

Currently, we are working with a strategic partner for Google ads. #teamSOCIATE will connect you directly and be on hand if you need us.

What can YOU do to get the most out of your Google Ads?

Get your front door ready. When your audience clicks on your Google Ad, they will likely be redirected to your website.

How much do you love your website? How much do your existing customers love your website? First impressions count, so make sure your website is ready to wow your visitors.

To give your website a makeover, reach out to our Communications Strategist & Copywriter, Nichole, for professional copywriting services at [email protected]

What about your results?

We know you’re looking for results and measurable ROI.

How do we deliver this to you? By using:

– Retargeting campaigns
– Comprehensive keyword analysis
– Negative keyword management
– Optimization techniques for campaign success

Google Ads are an excellent way to check in with your audience and see what makes them race to checkout.

Your ad will tell you what you’re doing well, what you should consider changing, and lots of other juicy insights.

You don’t need to worry about becoming fluent in Google Ads.

Our social media team will give you a detailed report explaining your Ads’ performance.

I still need a little more convincing

SOCIATE uses Google Ads too. We’ve won tons of new projects and business leads from our Google Ads.

We’ve tasted the magic potion, and it works!

If you’re still unsure, pick our Social Media Manager’s brain.

Simply reach out to him at [email protected]