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/ Industry Insights / Our Marketing Intern on: How digital marketing can save your marketing campaign
how digital marketing can save your marketing campaign

Our Marketing Intern on: How digital marketing can save your marketing campaign

Written by Malaysia Nicole, Marketing intern at Sociate


What is digital marketing and how do we use it?


Digital marketing is the use of digital tech and channels like social media, websites, and email. Popular digital marketing methods include paid search, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing.


Ever wonder how many website clicks a post generates?
With tech on our side, we can gather and gain access to insightful data like this.


A critical step before analyzing data is to ensure your campaign is ticking all your business objective boxes. We also want to make sure the most effective method of marketing is being used, including identifying the target audience and the allotted budget for the project. This info helps us gaze into the future, predicting how well our marketing efforts will perform.


For example…


We want to up the reach of a social media post, so we pay to promote it.


This makes the post visible to more unique accounts, going beyond current followers and page views. Usually, an ad’s budget equals the expected number of impressions determining the post’s visibility. While true, if we analyze and assess the budget spent on the promotion compared to the reach gained, we can identify the cost of each account’s reach, each impression, and much more.


While it’s great to have such an intelligent structure on our side, results aren’t set in stone. The promotion can’t force anyone to actually engage with the content, although it can alter the content’s placement to promote aspects like viewing frequency.


Users can view the post 20 times and still not like, comment, share, or further engage with the content. The ad’s actual engagement and overall performance must be reviewed with a finer lens. The ideal situation is having a post that’s not only viewed multiple times, but also engaged with and shared for maximum benefit.


This creates a compound benefit to the engagement we have already received by having it shared to gain more traction. This maximizes the benefit of the marketing campaign.


In the end, your results are not 100% guaranteed. Digital marketing lets us gather, track, and analyze data from our marketing efforts. It will continue to be a trial and error – but with increased analysis of available data, we can continue to improve the impact of digital marketing campaigns.

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