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3 things to remember as a newbie graphic designer

3 things to remember as a newbie graphic designer

Industry insights from our Graphic Designer and Visual Wizard, Rene Patricio


With technology in one hand and untamed creativity in the other, getting started as a graphic designer can be intimidating. If you’re not sure what your first step needs to be, here are some tips to help refine your craft.


Maintain seamless style and continuity


Social media’s steady rise of the past decade has made it one of the biggest platforms in PR and Marketing today. With the spotlight becoming increasingly more coveted in the attention economy, a brand’s digital success lies in creating impactful content. A “one size fits all” strategy won’t work with social media any more. Mass-scheduling posts optimized for Facebook on Instagram will hurt your brand’s credibility in the long run.


Play around with GIFs and video


If you’re even slightly clued up about social media trends, you’ll be no stranger to the sensational impact of video content. While static images get the job done, a surefire way of grasping and retaining your audience’s attention is by engaging them with GIFs and video content. You don’t need a studio and mega production budget to incorporate this into your social media strategy. Toy around with free video editing software and flex those creative muscles.


In design, show more with less


If you’re a visual minimalist, or someone with a tight deadline, you’ll be relieved by this. Sometimes, a tastefully chosen stock image does a better job than busy designed artwork. Aim for a content mix of sophisticated stock imagery, video content, and designed artwork for the perfect visual balance.


Need a professional to wave their wand and magic up designs for your brand? Our visual wizard can help! Drop us a line at [email protected] if you’d like support with designs, artwork, GIFs or video content for your brand. We also offer social media content packages and copywriting support.

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