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3 content ideas to overcome creative block


Written by Emjay Fernandez, SOCIATE’s Content Strategist and Shutterbug


In a bustling city like Dubai, the idea of staying indoors or avoiding crowded areas, as we work together in flattening the curve, can seem limiting to creative professionals, digital creators, and brands.


While it may sound dramatic to some degree, it’s yet another challenge for creators, who normally already grapple with creative block on a daily basis. On the other hand, despite our constant battles against procrastination and the constant search for “aha” moments, creative minds have an untapped resilience that allow them to succeed in pushing boundaries beyond their current capabilities. So what are we waiting for?


Get your creative juices flowing with these three content ideas!


Augmented reality (AR) filters for Instagram

25% of posts tagged with #selfie use an Instagram filter.

Whether it’s a glamorous beauty filter to gain more confidence in front of the camera or an engaging randomizer that can help you decide which Disney princess you are, making AR filters that are tailored to your brand is now more accessible than ever. Spark AR has simplified the art of creating AR Filters. With some self-learning, you can now create and share augmented reality experiences!


Seamless panorama

Late to the game with seamless panorama content? This content format is timeless in its own right, and integrating a story that needs to be shared within it is a surefire way to bring in more engagement to your channel. Get started with the photos you have on your phone now with the SCRL app. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface will allow you to elevate your visual storytelling with Instagram’s multi-photo feature.


Zoom photoshoots

Creativity always finds a way. Social distancing sparked a new trend – virtual photoshoots. What you need is possibly in your hand at the moment as you read this: your phone and a video conferencing tool like Zoom or FaceTime. Tip: use your rear camera to snap images with higher resolution.


If your creative block won’t budge, get some help from SOCIATE’s marketing, content, and social media experts. We’re currently offering special sizzling summer rates on our services.

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