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The how, why, and where of lifelong learning


There was a time when graduating from university was considered the end of your educational career. From then on, you’d only browse the occasional article in a magazine or read an industry book because a colleague recommended it. We’ve come a long way from that with the internet. 


Now, education is just the click of a button away.


The pandemic has made education and the insight of industry leaders even more accessible – with leading global universities offering their courses for free or at a discounted rate. If you feel like you can never quite catch up at work, or feel like a dinosaur among your colleagues even though you’re all a similar age, you should probably turn learning into an exercise, and eventually, a habit.


While some people may not have had the best time at school or university, and may think “learning” just isn’t for them – lifelong learning is far removed from academia. Articles, books, and courses are designed for the busy professional – demanding a manageable amount of time and attention.


The WHY of lifelong learning


We were on LinkedIn a few weeks ago and noticed an article listing the most common questions hiring managers are asking right now. Some of them were what individuals are doing with their spare time, how they’re improving themselves while they’re in between jobs, and what new skills they’re learning. In today’s highly competitive world, sharing obvious value is the key to being hired and retaining a job. Job descriptions are now flexible, requiring you to have multiple skills or learn new ones while at work. Lifelong learning, as a hobby, illustrates your appetite for knowledge and new skills.


The HOW of lifelong learning


Your decision to commit to lifelong learning depends on the topic you want to learn more about and keep up with. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to work, although this will boost your employability, it could be related to other areas of your life. If you’re passionate about animals, there are courses about animal psychology and rescue. If you’d like to transition to the marketing department from administration, take on courses that will bolster your knowledge and understanding of the industry. 


Do a thorough search on Google, or ask your family and friends, for recommendations. You can choose how much time you can afford to dedicate to the course – most courses can be done at your own pace. But it’s important to make time for them. You can choose to audit a course for free or pay for it. Auditing a course for free allows you access to the lectures and learning materials, without a certificate. Paying for the course awards you a certificate upon completion.


The WHERE of lifelong learning


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