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/ Creative / Thought Leader guest post – Use mind mapping to unlock creativity
use mind mapping to unlock creativity

Thought Leader guest post – Use mind mapping to unlock creativity

Written by Juliana Khalil, a SOCIATE Thought Leader


Are you looking for a way to capture your ideas, in fact, even unlock creativity in your business?

Then you might want to consider using a mind map. Rather than listing out your ideas, creating a mind map can unlock your thinking as you are not forced to create an ordered list. I often find that when considering a project or a problem, ideas or inspiration come to mind and the format of a mind map allows those ideas to be captured and built upon. So, I decided to share some samples of mind maps for various goals with you.


Juliana Khalil is a certified mind mapping specialist and MBraining Coach, who trains individuals and corporates using Tony Buzan’s interactive graphic techniques to unlock the mind’s full potential. She has developed and delivered powerful programs for children and adults, focusing on French and Arabic language learning, memory training, soft skills and business leadership.


Drafting your presentation, podcast or webinar content


mind map presentation podcast webinar juliana khalil dubai

Kickstarting a new project


mind map starting a new project juliana khalil dubai


Developing your team goals and objectives for the year ahead


mind map team goals and objectives juliana khalil dubai


Exploring your career development opportunities


mind map career devlopment juliana khalil dubai

Drafting a business plan


mind map business plan juliana khalil dubai


Developing improved customer service


mind map customer service juliana khalil dubai


Capturing ideas for your e-zines, blog posts, or even your business book


mind map creative writing juliana khalil dubai




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