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5 ways to boost your brand credibility

5 ways to boost your brand credibility

As a business owner, your brand is your world. You’ve got notebooks piled up to the ceiling with expectations and aspirations for your brand. Do you have the basics covered? 


Referrals – it’s what friends are for


Ah, referrals. One of the oldest marketing tricks. As social creatures, humans tend to trust a brand more if it’s been recommended by someone we know. Boost your brand by encouraging referrals, incentivizing the referrer with either a fee or barter agreement. The numbers are great – an average of 80% of consumers across four generations say they trust referral marketing. Referral customers already trust your brand, now all you have to do is maintain that trust, and enrich their customer experience.


Testimonials – the proof is in the pudding


Testimonials are powerful marketing tools. They tap into the parts of our brain that deal with trust and social dependence. It’s easy for a brand to toot its own horn but when customers do it as well, that way lies success. With a thumbs up from your customers and clients, showcase positive testimonials on your website and social media. Get creative with it – insert your testimonials into an exciting template and unlock excellent content.


Instagram – first impressions matter the most


With more than one billion active users on Instagram, you can’t afford to neglect your brand’s presence on the platform. Ever checked out a restaurant’s Instagram page before booking a table for dinner? Exactly.

A professional Instagram page is your brand’s way of making a first impression. It doesn’t have to be costly, just calculated. Set aside some time every week to brainstorm your page’s content – from captions and images for your grid to engaging themes for your Instagram stories. Don’t know where to start?

Check out our blog post on the basics of a killer Instagram page here.


Website – your brand’s virtual office


Your website is your virtual office. It’s where potential customers learn about your brand’s services, values, success stories, and history. There’s no greater buzzkill than having to wait ages for a website to load. Some websites just feel unsafe, even if they aren’t. Use this time to learn more about your website’s user experience. Your website shouldn’t bore the reader, keep them waiting, or make them feel lost. 


Public relations – make headlines


Get your brand on your target customer’s mind with public relations. Communicate your awesome offers, new products, and brand announcement through the media and influencers. Public relations is more cost-effective than traditional advertising, and yields greater results too. Public relations comes in all forms – PR projects, monthly retainers, influencer collaborations, and reputation management. Plus, there are few feelings as thrilling as seeing your brand’s name in the papers. That never gets old.


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