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The colourful world of communications


Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


Red, green and blue (RGB) are considered to be the three primary colours. They further mix and combine themselves in different amounts to create mesmerising hues that surround us daily. As a communications pro, your world is filled with RGB too. Dive into this colourful blog post to explore the primary colours of communications.


Red is for exposure you pay for – There are various ways you can boost your story by paying for it – you can land a paid advertorial in a target publication, purchase a print or broadcast advertisement, or send your social media post soaring with a few clicks. Paid media can complement your earned media and bolster your overall communications strategy.


Green hurrahs for publicity you earn – Ever rolled up at a networking mingle with your game-face on? Hats off to you because whenever you exchanged your business card with an industry contact had someone add you to their little black book of PR contacts, you gained exposure. Mingling with journalists, PR professionals and other industry experts brings you word-of-mouth publicity, or earned media. A successful networking event can bring your content organic shares, reviews and reposts so put your best foot forward!


Blue for social platforms you control  – You’ve set up your own website, your Instagram profile, Facebook page, and Twitter account. You’re even thinking of wading into TikTok. Blogs are published, press releases uploaded, and your social channels are plastered with daily content. With your brand’s colour palette and logo in the masthead, these platforms consist of content that you have complete control over, and are called owned media. 


When it comes to mixing RGBs in the communications world, there aren’t any steadfast rules – what works for one business may not complement yours. Experiment with different communications strategies to evaluate the best mix for your brand.


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