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SOCIALITE guest blog post – Boosting your business with influencers


Written by SOCIALITE’s Influencer Relationship Manager, Zainab Jimoh


So you’re asking yourself – Do I really need influencers for my business?


Yes, you may need them, but before we dive into the finer details, let’s start with some definitions of “influencers” and “influencer marketing”.


What are influencers? Influencers are people who represent and promote a brand, or multiple brands, through their personal social media channels. This helps brands stand out with extra representation.


Now, what is Influencer Marketing? According to Upfleunce, “Influencer Marketing is the act of identifying trusted individuals with an engaged audience and directing marketing activities towards these influencers to receive publicly visible endorsements of a brand, service, or product.”


Brands are now placing a bigger emphasis on Relationship Marketing, particularly Influencer Marketing as consumers are increasingly purchasing products and services through word of mouth, referrals, and through the influence of their favorite social media icon.


Bloggers and other online influencers, particularly millennials, are gaining new roles as thought leaders and opinion formers.


How can influencers help your business?


Influencers humanize your brand: Communication without being backed by a people-centric presence is a thing of the past. These days, most if not all, consumers care about what they buy and the company they’re buying it from. Collaborating with influencers allows brands to associate themselves with widely-loved personalities who are connected to their target audience.


Influencers provide positive word-of-mouth: Consumers are more likely to buy your products and connect with your brand if they’ve heard about it from a close friend or an influencer they admire. Positive word of mouth goes a long way in developing a positive public image for your brand. 


Influencers can increase traffic to your website: Influencers can easily provide backlinks and references to your website through content posted or shared on their channel, if they are brought on board. Influencers can boost the number of people who visit your website, and this can even lead to sales. This is an excellent approach to improve inbound traffic and attract potential consumers who you aren’t reaching through traditional channels.


In 2021, 66% of brands are expected to increase their Influencer Marketing budgets. This is to say that business owners are starting to see the impact and value of Influencer Marketing.


Are you interested in collaborating with influencers to boost your business’ visibility? If you are, please reach out to our sister agency SOCIALITE. For inquiries about our services, packages, and rate card, please contact [email protected], SOCIALITE’s Influencer Relationship Manager.

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