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The 5 Ws of successful storytelling


Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


There’s always a good story to tell.

But to nab your target audience’s attention, your story needs to be great. 


Introducing the 5Ws. Taken straight from the average reporters’ guidebook, it’s the 101 on all things content. So whether you’re a PR pro, a marketing maestro, or a TikTok star, these five questions are bound to lead your message to victory. Be it coverage in publications, skyrocketings results, or social media likes pouring in. 


Who are you creating for? It may be tempting to reach out to Facebook’s 2.6 billion users but for a notable upsurge in your database, tap into segments. Define your brand’s relationship with like-minded individuals by getting on their wavelength. Familiarise yourself with the content that attracts their “likes” – if it aligns with your brand pillars, you’ve got yourself a target audience. 


What are you trying to say? Keep your messages crisp and clear. If you have a message to relay, it’s best not to keep your audience in the dark until the final paragraph. A colourful two-line caption can seal the deal quicker than an essay on your latest menu addition. Information is vital but so is the ticking clock. 


Why are you saying it? Highlighting every heart-racing minute of an adventure is fun, until you lose the spotlight. The average online user’s attention span lasts eight seconds. Create content that educates, inspires, and entertains while also piquing and maintaining your audience’s attention.


Where is it going to reach them? Streamline your efforts into platforms that matter for your audience. Get the best of both worlds by repurposing your content for channels that bring in media coverage. Whether you deal in state-of-the-art furniture or own a cafe, finding the best mix between digital and print platforms can help your brand reach the right masses. 


When are they going to see this? Creating a content calendar is all about the “whens”. Make sure you stay on top of important local and international events. Ready your calendar by popping in event dates that could be used for content ideas. When all else fails, #ThrowbackThursday is a fine cushion to fall back on. 


The next time you’re walking the content plank with deadlines pressed against your back, give the 5Ws a ring. They’re sure to come to your rescue. Are you more analytical than creative? Do creative ideas not come naturally to you? SOCIATE can help. To discuss all things PR, Marketing, social media, copywriting, and content creation, please get in touch at [email protected] 

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