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/ News / SOCIATE launches Google Ads as latest service

SOCIATE launches Google Ads as latest service


Google Ads joins SOCIATE’s growing selection of social media services


SOCIATE, a communications agency, has launched Google Ads as its latest service. This exciting new offering is a digital marketing tool that helps brands advertise on the world’s most powerful search engine. 


For a quick refresher, here’s how Google Ads work: When a user types in a keyword related to a company, their Google Ad pops up. The advertiser is charged a fee every time their ad is clicked on. 


Google Ads is a great way for a brand to check in with their target audience, and see what drives them to make a purchase. Google Ads also provide a brand with insights on their performance; giving them a glimpse of what is working and what could be changed.

SOCIATE’s Social Media Manager and Ad Ninja, Sohail comments, “Google Ads is a powerful tool to put your brand right in front of your target audience. A company can boost its leads, improve its conversation rate, and increase its sales and inquiries through Google Ads. If you want to get faster results and more traffic directed to your website, Google Ads should be a priority.”

SOCIATE delivers quantifiable results by using retargeting campaigns, comprehensive keyword analysis, negative keyword management, and optimisation techniques for campaign success.

To create and run successful Google Ads that deliver measurable results, contact SOCIATE’s Social Media Manager & Ad Ninja, Sohail Patel, at [email protected]. For more information, please click here.

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