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Make time for nature on World Environment Day 2020


This World Environment Day, June 5, we’re thinking about the environment more than ever. We’ve had several weeks of staying in to contemplate the world and the hive of natural systems that make it our home. As restless as we all gradually got, videos of wildlife roaming the barren streets of global cities slightly eased the severity of our situation, even if only for a moment.


World Environment Day is an environmental program and awareness day hosted by the UN. This year’s theme is “it’s time for nature”. If you’d like to celebrate World Environment Day but aren’t sure how, here are some ways you can celebrate nature by taking proactive measures to preserve it.


Let’s “bee” friends: Whether you’ve got a garden or a balcony, sow bee-friendly seeds and grow a playground for these critical critters. Nothing wins a bee’s heart like lilac, marjoram, and chive flowers.


Change starts at the dinner table: Ensure your diet is sustainable and lean towards plant-based food. Your body and the planet will thank you. The UAE traditionally relies heavily on imported food, consider buying products that have traveled less than those that have been flown in from faraway countries. An easy way to do this is by starting with your fruits and vegetables. 


Commit to boycotting single-use plastic: Most of our products continue to be packaged in single-use plastic. While corporate action will help truly change this, you can do your bit by steering clear of single-use plastic products and packaging. If your herbs and cherry tomatoes only ever come in boxes with a plastic wrapper, consider growing your own at home.


For more inspiration on taking action at a personal, professional, civic, educational, and governmental level – check out this World Environment Day 2020 guide.


Our client, Fiona Environs, is committed to creating sustainable spaces that allow both humans and nature to thrive, together. In order to do this, it’s important to understand the root of our relationship with nature. Fiona Environs’ Creative Director, Arushi Bhatnagar, discusses biophilia (the theory that humans need a connection with nature – and why) here.

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