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How to make your brand visible in a crowded market


Solopreneurism is on the rise, especially in the Middle East, and the marketplace is getting busy.


While it’s an exciting time to have so much choice as a consumer, battling the noise and making yourself heard can be challenging for first-time brand owners. The digital space is even busier, with brands and consumers alike posting engaging content. 9 out of 10 customers say that online content has made an impact on their purchasing decisions – so how do you tap into their mind?


What’s in a marketing pro’s tool kit?


Marketers use a power-packed combination of newsletters, blog posts, social media content, educational infographics, presentations, podcasts, and webinars to communicate their brand by creating value.


The golden rules of creating a content strategy

It’s widely believed that the modern consumer’s attention span is eight seconds. You have eight seconds to pique their interest. Condensing your brand’s story and journey into a one-minute video can be a challenge.


So how do you consistently do this with bite-sized content? Aim to make your content strategy a mix of educational, engaging, and inspirational material. Steer clear of selling your product in every post – that’s what advertisements are for and only play a minor role in social media marketing.


The customer is king and here’s what they are looking for

With 70% of digital consumers looking to learn about a brand’s mission, purpose, and impact before considering the actual product – communicate your brand story with captivating transparency.


How do you know if your marketing strategy is working?

The success of your brand’s marketing strategy will have numerous touchpoints.


How engaged your social media audience is. How much of a connection do you have with your consumers? The first thing your consumers think about when your brand is mentioned. There’s also the numbers. Data-driven marketing will help you measure the impact of your efforts.


Make your mark in the market with our webinar

Co-hosted by our communications experts, Rosa Bullock and Tazeen Jafri, this webinar is a deep dive into the world of content marketing. Tune in on Wednesday, June 17th, 1 PM (UAE time) and 10 AM (UK time). Book your Early Bird ticket for $14.99 here before Saturday, June 13 or book your regular ticket for $19.99 here.

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