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how does pr agency work

How does a PR agency work?

Public relations, as a concept and trade, can be traced back to historic times.


Public relations is a trade that requires its practitioners to relentlessly think outside the box and expand the horizons of their creativity. Unlike advertising, public relations is earned media. The process is a slow trickle – a PR executive’s address book is polished to perfection over several years.


So, what kind of tasks usually sit on a PR executive’s to-do list?


Strategizing a PR plan – media events, blogger activations, press releases


We strive to carve a cozy corner for our clients in the editors’ inbox. Without overwhelming the media, we maintain regular communications with them that goes above and beyond the obligatory press release.


PR executives analyze publications, devising the perfect angle to organically promote a brand in line with the editorial calendar. This can range from opinion pieces on our client’s behalf to interviews and articles.


We know the media like the back of our hand and like to treat them to a good time, every now and then. To promote our client’s new product or service, we chalk up a media event plan. This then goes through the approval process with the client, after which the media is invited and liaised with.


Expanding our professional circle at networking events


Dubai’s media scene is constantly evolving, with people moving in and out of the country. The media switches roles and publications at the speed of light, and it’s our job to stay on top of this. This means a chunk of our week is set aside to mingle with the media and fellow communications professionals.


Our address book is our life force so we keep it well fed. Networking events are an excellent social space to put names to faces, make new connections, and forage for exciting new leads and business opportunities.


Condensing the fruits of our labor into a coverage report


Given how complex the PR process is, we strive to translate our hard work into easy-to-digest reports for our clients. Coverage reports, like all reports, demand precision and focus. PR agencies normally spend the last week of the month compiling comprehensive coverage reports. It’s a fun ritual ?


Being flexible is one of SOCIATE’s core values. In addition to traditional PR retainers, we also offer PR consultancy services and workshops. Our services are tailored for businesses of all sizes. If you’d like partial or full support with getting your brand’s name out there, reach out to [email protected]

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