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3 things ramadan can teach you about productivity

3 things Ramadan can teach you about productivity

While time may seem to slow down during Ramadan, the world’s corporate cogwheels continue to turn. During this reflective month, here are some tips to take with you even after Ramadan draws to a close.


Getting it done without a secret ingredient


We all have our secret superpower that propels us from inbox browsing to crushing our to-do list.

For a big chunk of the working world, it’s coffee.

A study cited in Forbes revealed that coffee being served at team meetings leads to increased focus, participation, and overall success. Due to coffee’s celebrated position as a productivity hack, a lot of us can’t imagine getting stuff done without it. Ramadan observes fasters tick their to-do list without leaning on the crutch of coffee (not forgetting food and water). This is a great example of highlighting an individual’s strength, without a secret ingredient. This Ramadan, experiment with productivity by cutting your caffeine hit out of the equation. You may just surprise yourself.


Take a break before you break


You’ve probably heard talk about pre-iftar naps from your fasting friends. This tip could be extended to your life too. Blazing through your to-do list is fantastic but overdoing it could send you stumbling into burn out. Feeling uninspired, demotivated, or stuck with a creative block are all signs of needing a break. Shortcuts to relaxing at the office are to go on a walk during your lunch break, micro-moments of deep breathing, and socializing with your colleagues. You could even work on mastering the 10-minute power nap!


You are what you eat


It’s common for the first week of iftars to be a feast of comfort food, fried appetizers and indulgent desserts. A few too many food comas in a row lead to iftars becoming lighter the deeper you get into Ramadan. Being mindful with your eating could do your to-do list a world of good. Chowing down on a McDonald’s at lunch has “3 PM crash” written all over it. Un-sad your desk lunch by keeping it light and bright. You’ll find concentrating is easier and you’ve got more energy to play with.


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