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5 top tips SMEs can use for sustainable growth in 2021

Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


What is sustainability?

Essentially, “staying alive”.

You have boosted your business off the drawing board and into reality. You have an office, a team, and a growing portfolio. If you have reached a certain size, you may find that you worry about plateauing and combating it with sustainable growth.

Here are some ways you can keep a firm grip on steady and sustainable growth.

Know what you stand for: Your company’s values represent how you do things. Take time out to understand, analyse, and evaluate whether these align and contribute to your employees’ and clients’ wellbeing. Keeping the values that your company was founded on in mind as your team and company grows will help you provide your customers and employees with a streamlined experience.

Get your thinking caps on: You’ve already got your greatest weapon – your team! Encourage them to be honest and to open up about all that could (and should) change within your four walls. Employee happiness is directly linked to company productivity. A team that feels motivated and fulfilled is a winning combination.

Measure your progress: In addition to your profit and loss report, measure your progress in areas that aren’t typically on a report template. Staying in touch with employee sentiments, client and customer sentiments, and supplier sentiments will help you make sustainable improvements on your road to greater growth.

React to pro-act: Change is part of sustainable growth. Agility and pivoting are more than just corporate buzzwords – they should be tenets of a company’s contingency and development plan. Staying mindful of waves of change in your industry will help you adapt to them and keep your company afloat.

Be honest: Transparency with your co-workers, clients, the top board, and society at large shows that you not only value their opinion but also care. Give them the opportunity to suggest solutions while keeping them in the loop – it’ll help you build a deeper relationship with them.


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