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/ News / SOCIATE introduces Profit Rocket to clients

SOCIATE introduces Profit Rocket to clients



Alongside SOCIATE’s usual suite of services, Mike Hoff Consulting’s ‘Profit Rocket’ will also be offered to clients


SOCIATE, an award-winning PR & comms agency in Dubai, is pleased to offer clients an all-new service – Mike Hoff Consulting’s’ Profit Rocket.’ 


Mike Hoff, a renowned business coach, knows what it takes to boost business revenue, and as part of his coaching strategy, he has created a marketing evaluator tool – Profit Rocket.


SOCIATE has worked with Mike Hoff, so knows firsthand just how valuable his coaching is. As part of the collaboration, Mike Hoff introduced #teamSOCIATE to Profit Rocket;  a tool designed to uncover hidden revenue streams in businesses.


Amazed by the result, SOCIATE has decided to team up with Mike and offer all new clients a Profit Rocket analysis. This service will be add-on only, and if clients wish to work further with Mike they will need to sign up as a full-time MHC client.


For more information on the Profit Rocket, please visit https://mhcbusinesscoaching.com/


SOCIATE supports Mike Hoff Consulting with copywriting and social media management services in Dubai.









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