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/ News / SOCIATE appoints Raldwyn Ona as Content Creation Executive

SOCIATE appoints Raldwyn Ona as Content Creation Executive


Raldwyn Ona joins Gem Macalma in SOCIATE’s Content department, under Emjay Fernandez’s guidance


SOCIATE is pleased to welcome Raldwyn to its Content department.


Working alongside the agency’s growing content crew, Raldwyn (Wynn) specialises in video editing, photography, and sound editing. His main focus will be on curating click-worthy, viral content that brings in waves of likes and shares to SOCIATE and its PR and Social Media clients.


Inspired by a love of gaming, Wynn’s passion for creating quality content was sparked by his desire to tell a story. Growing up with gaming greats like Hideo Kojima, he was fascinated by the power of media and storytelling. Wynn’s passion led him to a marketing internship at SOCIATE, followed by a full-time role.


Wynn’s journey to SOCIATE was also shaped by his love of media, leading him to participate in a film hosted by the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation. Combining his love of content and storytelling, Wynn is ready to take on a new chapter at SOCIATE, creating red-hot content that excites and inspires.


Wynn comments, “Gaming has always been an escape for me. A place to immerse myself in a new world and try new things. I realised that content creation would give me a similar kind of power – the power to excite and inspire through photography and video. I look forward to further honing my craft at SOCIATE”.


When he isn’t crafting up videos and shoots for SOCIATE and its clients, Wynn can be found creating content on his own Instagram page: @wynnquistion. Wynn can be contacted at [email protected] 

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