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/ Industry Insights / Robots, collaboration, and writing – PR predictions for 2021

Robots, collaboration, and writing – PR predictions for 2021


PR and Marketing are part of any new business’ lifecycle and journey to success. The UAE enjoys a commendable reputation of business set-up ease; leading to an inclination to launch more of them.


With more new businesses comes more potential business for communications firms, inevitably leading to busier schedules for everyone involved. Technology is a vital tool to “get stuff done” and “get results” and we will be seeing it shine even more in the years to come.


From how robots can help PR pros blaze through their to-do lists to sprinkling some PR magic in unexpected places, here are some PR predictions we can expect to see in 2021 and the years that follow.


A greater focus on Digital PR

Digital PR is a tool that brands can use to strengthen their position online. This includes a basic digital life jacket like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to marketing-inclined strategies like Influencer Activations and strategising on social media. A potent mix of traditional and digital PR can help a brand be present at all the “cool parties” and simultaneously engage several audiences.


The adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Here come the robots. People, as tenacious and creative as ever, would publish generic captions online that had just enough personality to make them seem original. We then saw Instagram take this to the next level by releasing an auto-caption-generation feature. Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to produce press releases and reports automatically, translate speech into text so you don’t have to burn the midnight oil typing up your notes after a press conference, and even suggest data-supported news angles for journalists!


Customer care agents will get PR training

Google Surprise and Delight and you’ll be staring into a black hole of 66,200,000 search results. A cornerstone of customer satisfaction strategies, Surprising and Delighting customers is hot right now. With the dramatic success of social media, everything from surprising a hotel guest with a personalised pastry in their room to delighting a customer by going the extra mile to resolve their complaint all makes for not just good, but great, publicity. As globalisation reaches new heights and as customer expectations do too, customer service agents can be expected to be briefed by a brand’s PR team. This can include the brand’s ultimate goals, their short and long-term objectives, and brand pillars to always work by.


PR professionals will need to sharpen their writing skills

PR professionals, as communications experts, require a strong grip of verbal and written language. As the line between PR and Marketing increasingly blurs, a PR Executive in 2021 may even see some copywriting tasks land on their desk. Whether it’s a caption for a boosted social media post or building a brand’s online identity from scratch, PR pros of the future will not only be expected to know the tools for the trade but also know how to use them.


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