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PR Ethics Month: What is it and why does it exist?


September marks an exciting month in the PR industry’s diary – it’s PR Ethics Month!


But first, what is PR?


To really understand why PR ethics is so important, we first have to take a look back at PR and its origins.


Rooted in the art of influencing and persuading, PR is all about shaping the public’s perception of a particular brand, topic, or person. In today’s world, that means promoting a product or service through strategic PR and digital marketing. A PR service we offer in Dubai. But it doesn’t always look like that. 


When PR gets shady…


Sometimes, PR can be a little shady. Take political propaganda.


If you look back, you’ll see the power that PR has had over various nations in the past. When PR is used to push a harmful or unethical agenda, this goes against its values.


To this very day, some businesses still use PR tactics that are less than savoury. Imagine a company with millions of loyal fans being outed for owning sweatshop factories and underpaying workers.


It’s not going to look good, but with the help of strategic (and slightly dubious) PR, some of the damage can be lifted, and their reputation can avoid being tarnished. Just place a few good stories that rave about the brand and their ethical initiatives, and you’re all sorted.


That might all be PR, but it’s not ethical. 


And it’s not the kind of PR the communications world wants to be known for.
This is where PR Ethics Month comes in…


What is PR Ethics Month?


Luckily, these kinds of tactics (often dubbed unethical PR) are starting to get noticed. 


With the help of organisations like the PRCA, more awareness is starting to spread, leading to more knowledge-sharing on ethical PR and how a PR agency can lead with ethics in mind. And this is what PR Ethics Month is all about; spreading awareness and educating the public on PR ethics and best practices. 


At its core are two main pillars: transparency & disclosure, and privacy.


Transparency & disclosure: Communications should be accurate and honest, avoiding deception in the media, and all information that goes into decision-making should be revealed to clients.


Privacy: Confidential information should be kept between the PR firm and client. It’s unethical to reveal private information to other parties about current or past clients.


The goal of PR Ethics Month


PR Ethics Month is a time for PR companies to think about their own practices, re-examining the way they do things and how they can make it more ethical. If all PR firms work towards these guidelines, ethical practice will become the new norm.


It isn’t just about changing the industry, it’s also about changing the skewed perception of PR. The PRCA wants to shift away from a world of PR battles, leaked information, and fake news. It instead aims for a world of transparency and honesty, where a PR campaign builds brand awareness in the most ethical way possible.


SOCIATE’S PR services in Dubai


As a top PR agency in Dubai, SOCIATE has worked with clients to get them the media coverage they need to make their brand visible, all the while sticking to an ethical framework that ensures we live up to our most important value; integrity. 


Communication is at the heart of what we do at SOCIATE, but we’re taking it a step further and working towards a brighter PR world full of transparency, honesty, and integrity. To learn more about our PR services and how we’re spreading knowledge in the industry, follow @YourPRGuru on Instagram.


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