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/ #teamSociate / Our Arabic PR Executive’s top tips on balancing work and parenthood
our arabic pr Executive top tips on balancing work and parenthood

Our Arabic PR Executive’s top tips on balancing work and parenthood

Our Arabic PR Executive and Game-changer, Maryam, indulges in life’s little pleasures. From turning up the radio on her drive home from work to treating herself to cocktails with her girlfriends, she’s all about staying on top of self-care in the midst of motherhood and career development. When she’s not shooting out pitches and working her way around a networking event, she’s chasing her toddler Hamim around ?


Set your alarm for early o’clock: You won’t need an alarm, to be honest, because your little one is sure to wake you up at the crack of dawn. Instead of plunging into the new day in a sleepy daze of panic, take your time. These need only be a few moments, but claim them and unleash the calm.


Always leave your laptop at work: Being a parent is a full-time job so you need to give it your full attention when you’re home. The whisper of unread emails can be difficult to ignore. Set yourself up for success by leaving your laptop at the office. Those emails can wait until you’re back at your desk.


Stay away from your phone after 7PM: Kids grow up so fast. Don’t miss it by spending your evening hopping between Instagram and emails. Relish the quality time you have with your little one. You’ll miss them less at the office and the all-too-common “working mother” guilt is less likely to strike.


Stay on top of your to-do list at work: Pour yourself a coffee and attack your to-do list. Manage your time intelligently so you can indulge in hours of stress-free play when you’re back home with your family.


Ensure your wardrobe is on fleek: Sure! Mom pants and an old tee will do. But why settle for “will do”? Don’t lose your identity amidst the blur of parenting, maintaining a relationship and building a career. The tiniest bit of effort is all it takes. Opt for confident comfort (sneakers and a little black dress or wedges with a pantsuit) and show the world what you’re made of.


Hop aboard the meal prep train: The advantages of this hack are endless. Not only will cooking in batches halve your time in the kitchen after a hectic day at the office, it’s also a killer way to hit your fitness goals.


Plan a girls night out every now and then: Girls just wanna have fun, right? If Miranda from Sex and the City could do it after she had a kid, you can too! Humans are social beings and a surefire way of keeping post-natal depression from darkening your door is to treat yourself to some social self-care.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help: You’ve only got two arms and 24 hours in a day. Don’t refrain from asking your support system for help. Your coworkers, partner, family and friends are just a call away.


As they say, it takes a village…

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