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Keep the conversation going with chatbots

Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


No one likes to be kept waiting. 

Least of all, your customers. 


The sun may have set on your working hours but an unread email in your inbox could cause you to lose a potential client. 


Fortunately, sour I’m-not-clocked-for-this conversations can be avoided by taking a page out of the marketing bible used by corporate giants. 


Here to bring the “talk” back into sales, conversational marketing is a tech-driven tactic that you can use to initiate healthy relationships between your company and your customers. 


Chatbots allow your customers to speak to and interact with digital representatives of your brand. Driven by a pre-designed script but no longer bound by the clock, the revamped twist in messaging brings back the “instant” in communication. With a strong database and continuous marketing research, your chatbot can equip itself to tackle multiple lines of questioning. But of course, if your customer is looking for a dash of emotion – you may find yourself in a pickle. Program your chatbot to send out a quick “We’ll get back to you soon!” and you’ve put out the fire – don’t forget to scratch it off your to-do list as soon as you clock in. 


Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your website works wonders for both your clients and your customer service team. Gone are the days when shoppers would anxiously wait by their phones for a follow-up on their queries. With information at your fingertips in the form of binary digits, the launch of AI can help you quicken your response time as your chatbots act as digital help-lines available at any time of the day. 


AI’s power to extract a client’s purchase history enables your chatbot to anticipate your customer’s needs better. Win four stars on your feedback surveys by programming it to recommend similar products that could cater to their specific needs. The need for “four working days” disappears, winning your website trophies for phenomenal customer follow-up service. 


AI takes a heavy weight off of your client-services’ team who no longer have to scramble for hard copies of product invoices. With a freed schedule, they can now focus on the “complicated” questions that floor your company’s inbox with a digital database. 


AI and your customer service team can double as the dynamic duo that promises responses to leave your customers grinning with satisfaction – even if they knock at the crack of dawn. 


Chewing your pen cap over customer-centric tactics? Contact our marketing know-it-alls for a marketing check-up over a virtual cuppa at [email protected]. 

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