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/ #teamSociate / Instagram launches a music feature to get your social media singing

Instagram launches a music feature to get your social media singing


Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


Your morning caffeine fix may finally have found a buddy to keep it company as it strikes a pose for your weekly #MondayMotivation’s story for Instagram.


There’s nothing quite like it. 


Once upon a time, Instagram was exclusively known to be an art gallery for its painters and a stage for its musicians. Fast forward to today, the photo-video sharing application has pranced its way into the corporate boardroom, tapping suits-and-ties on their shoulders, offering them opportunities to completely transform the world of marketing and advertising. 


Now crowned king of the marketing industry, Instagram is constantly rolling out features that allow its business-users with the opportunity to engage and interact with their target audiences on a one-on-one basis. This year rang in a pleasant surprise for the MENA region as a little present made its way into their IG stories’ sticker drawer. 


Content creators have relied heavily on GIFs and polls for the longest time but the introduction of an in-built music catalogue or perhaps, a digital jukebox at their beck and call may have just transformed the art of storytelling. Now capable of gauging the major senses, creators can now engage their viewers in an immersive and memorable experience, leaving a much greater impact. 


Music has always been a language used for expression; but with Instagram, brands may just be able to catch not only eyes but also, ears. Incorporate music into your stories and liven up your stories with soundtracks. Perhaps, lip-sync to a tune or two with a cup of joe in hand and give your followers something to smile about – after all, isn’t that what being social is all about?


When it comes to the social media powerhouse, getting “social” may involve a whole lot of notifications. Contact [email protected] if you’re looking to take some of the weight off of your phone and your shoulders. 

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