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4 top reasons you should hire a copywriter


By Carolyn McMurray, SOCIATE’S Junior Copywriter & Blogstar


Waste of money. Waste of time. Nobody knows my business as well as I do. I want the copy to be super specific – no wiggle room. 


These are just a few of the ‘excuses’ that copywriters are up against in the business world. Founders who want a copywriter but end up taking over the entire project because “no-one knows the product like they do.” Businesses who think that copywriting is a waste of time, money, and resource because “couldn’t we just get someone from marketing to write it up?”


Yep, copywriting is often a little misunderstood. 


Just because you’re fluent in English doesn’t make you a copywriter. Just like loving coffee and knowing the difference between Arabica and Robusta doesn’t automatically make you a barista. It’s the same with copywriting. Sure, you might be able to write but that doesn’t make you an expert at it. 


Copywriters are seasoned in words, grammar, punctuation. They know how to write a one-liner that gets people to buy. They also know how to write a 1,500-word blog that converts. They know exactly what kinds of words and phrases to use to turn even the drabbest of companies into exciting ‘Innocent-esque’ brands.


What is copywriting anyway?

I bet you a million bucks that you’ll have seen at least two pieces of copywriting today. That toothpaste you just used? That milk carton you just bought? That billboard you just walked past? That Instagram post you just liked? Those are all examples of copywriting. 


Not all of it will be big and bold and stand out like an Innocent ad. Some will just be a one-sentence description of a product. Like that little line of copy you get on packets of food at the supermarket. Or the ingredients list on your favourite cream. Others will be pretty noticeable. Like that magazine you just read, the Subway ad that just popped up on TV, and this very website that you’re browsing right now.


The purpose of copywriting is to entertain, inform, persuade, and do whatever you want to do with the most magical of words and phrases. Sometimes those words and phrases will be minimalist and super simple. Other times they’ll be comedic and funny. They can be whatever you want them to be – it’s the copywriter’s job to turn your vision into a reality.


Four reasons you should hire a copywriter

1. You need to write about a niche topic

Let’s say you’re a tech company with an amazing new piece of software. You’re breaking into a market with lots of customers who love tech but don’t know much about it. In other words, they’re not clued up on all the heavy jargon – but you are. In theory, you could go and write all the copy yourself but then you risk sounding super salesly and super intense. Maybe you’ll litter it with too much jargon and technical concepts or maybe you’ll just come across as really aggressive. 


By bringing in a copywriter that specialises in tech, you’ll avoid all of those problems. They’ll know exactly how to position your software in a way that speaks to customers and their pain points. They’ll also know how to translate all that tech talk into something that’s refreshing and easy to understand. 


2. You need something with a little extra pizzaz

Do a quick Google search for blogs on gardening, and you’ll find that most of them are a little lack-lustre. Do this with any product or topic and you’ll soon see that very few stand out. Sure, that blogger might adore gardening but that doesn’t mean their passion translates well into words. The whole point of a copywriter is to make words sing. Jump. Stand-out. Create a reaction. 


Boring, dry copy is a bit like an epidemic – it’s everywhere and it continues to spread. The only way to stamp it out is by putting down the pen and actually getting an expert in (AKA, the copywriter). Take the example of Innocent. They’re well-known for their amazing and ‘innovative’ marketing and that’s all down to their copy. It zigs when everyone else’s zags. It’s super creative and plays on the idea of the unexpected. And a seasoned copywriter will know just how to infuse creativity (and the right amount) to leave a good impression, make an impact and get people going, “wow, I didn’t see that coming.”  


Whether you need to make the mundane sound super exciting, turn tech concepts into something funny, or make your writing easier to understand, a copywriter will know how to add a bit of pizzaz to your brand.


3. You need a speedy turnaround time

You have a million and one things going on. You’re understaffed. And you need a piece of copy written up pronto. The solution? Bring in a copywriter! As well as being wizards with words, copywriters also know the importance of a speedy execution – it’s actually one of the things we pride ourselves in. Imagine writing up a 1,500-word blog post in an hour or less – yep, it’s a bit of a superpower. 


4. You need amazing copy

Want amazing copy point-blank-period? Then you need to hire a copywriter. It’s the same reason you would hire a graphic designer or a computer programmer or even a plumber – because they are absolute experts in their field. You know that they’ll get the job done smashingly. No errors. No faults. Just exactly what you need. There are so many different types of copywriters out there from freelance and permanent to full-on copywriting agencies, so there’s something to suit every business and team structure.


And PS…


If if it’s a copywriter you’re after, you’re in the right place. SOCIATE has its own very own copywriting department with some of the most dedicated wordsmiths you’ll find. We’ll zig when everyone else zags. Stand out when everyone else is drab. And make a real impact on your audience. Hit us up at [email protected] for a quick consultation.


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