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Guest blog post – 5 things every Recruitment Consultant wants you to know


Guest blog post by Inspire Selection


The hiring process can be long and exhausting and sometimes, it feels like nobody out there is noticing you. We spoke to our friends over at Inspire Selection (www.inspireselection.com) about the five things that every Recruitment Consultant wants you to know.


Only apply for jobs that you are suitable for

Always check the minimum criteria when applying for a job, if you do not meet them but insist on sending your CV off or clicking ‘Easy Apply’ it is very unlikely that you will get shortlisted. You may think that you can still do the job, but believe us, in this market, you will be up against hundreds of other candidates and your recruiter will only shortlist those that meet the minimum criteria.


Check your social media

Expect that future employers WILL check your social media, so check all your settings and ensure that the image you are projecting on social media is the image that you’d like your future employer to see.

But remember, Head-hunters use LinkedIn constantly so if you want to be ‘found’ make sure it’s current and contains relevant keywords, languages and qualifications. Your ‘country’ and phone number is updated if you just relocated. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially your digital resume, so potential employers will be concerned if it doesn’t match the resume that is submitted by the recruiter. Be sure to keep your profile current with the experience you have on your most recent resume.


Get noticed 

Network, research and make a plan. Do not expect a job to come to you. Find out which companies are recruiting in your industry, research them and what kind of employer are they, make contacts there, find a recruitment consultant that works in that industry and connect with them. It is perfectly reasonable for a candidate to present a consultant with a list of companies to target as ideal employers – show that you know your stuff and are prepared to work as hard as they do to land that perfect job.


Make a good impression

From the initial CV and covering letter through to interviews, make sure that you are presenting yourself in the best possible way. Check, check and check again any written communication – tailor it to the job and organisation and highlight why you are perfect for the role. 

At the interview stage, make sure that you have done your research and that you are prepared to answer and ask questions.

Many interviews are being held virtually now and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon. Whilst the same preparations need to be made prior to a virtual interview – also take the time to perfect your technology, your set up and have a ‘virtual’ run-through of your interview, check that your camera is centred, the background is suitable and that you’re making eye contact with your online interviewee.


Your Recruiter is on your side  

It is important that the recruiter and candidate relationship remains close and respectful, just as you would expect your recruiter to keep you updated, please make sure that you do the same. If you are no longer interested in the position – please let your recruiter know asap. Sometimes there are delays in the process, we will keep chasing for you, but understand that it can be out of our hands. Just as we may have offered more than one candidate for the position, we understand that you may be applying for more than one role, keep in touch with us, remain open and we will do the same.

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