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5 digital marketing tips to master in the new normal


By Shifa Sarguru, SOCIATE’s Copywriting Intern


Digital marketing is the hottest bandwagon in town.

For small businesses, it’s a way to enter the e-commerce arena.

For brands, it’s a way to connect with customers. 


Need some help taking the first steps on your digital marketing journey? 

Try these five simple but effective steps.


1. Define your idea of success


Start by defining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your campaign.

What will you achieve from this campaign? What is the result you want by running this ad?


This could be in the form of:

– Increased engagement on your social media channels

– More customers or subscribers to your marketing channels

– A higher click-through-rate (CTR) on your website

– Testimonials from former customers

– Improvement in your conversion rate


Deciding on your KPIs in advance gives you a clear vision of what success will look like at the end of your campaign. Metrics make it easier to measure a campaign’s performance so you can enhance the next one.


2. Create a knowledge base 


Google receives about 63,000 search queries every second.

This amounts to 5.6 billion searches per day.


People have a lot of questions. Can you answer them?


Using your site as a knowledge base gives you an advantage in the form of increased engagement.


Create content that matters to your niche audience.

You can do this by maintaining a blog or sending out a newsletter that links back to your website. 


Visual content catches attention 60,000 times faster than text.


Here are some of the ways you can leverage your content to help your brand awareness:

– Create video tutorials for your product

– Give away a FREE sample session of your service

– Hold conferences with industry experts online

– Discuss major topics related to your niche audience on IGTV, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, or YouTube


If you consistently provide your audience with answers to their questions by creating knowledgeable content; they will spend more time being engaged with your brand. This engagement and consistent interest will give you leads. And you can then turn these into more sales.


3. Build a community 


Use social media to your advantage by creating your own community.


Simple ways you can connect with your audiences are: 

– Reply to your DMs and comments as quickly as possible

– Reshare your customer’s social media mentions
This is a great way to acknowledge your customers. 

– Stir up some audience interest by hosting a competition your social medial


4. Automation 


The pandemic has led to rapid digitisation. As a result, AI has seamlessly integrated into our lives.  The new normal has given rise to higher consumer expectations. Customers are conditioned to expect hyper-personalisation and fast service throughout their experience with you.


So, how do you keep up with this dynamic environment?


One way to decrease your workload and maintain your customer relationships is to start automating your workflows. Here’s how you can put this in action across various platforms:

– Schedule emails, blog posts, and social media posts 

– Save automated replies on Whatsapp Business and Instagram Business for FAQs

– Use chatbots on your website to easily respond to your customers 24/7


5. Optimise your website for different platforms


In the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.8 percent of global website traffic.

This means that half of your audience visits your website through their mobile devices. 


Optimising your site for mobile devices will improve your user experience. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate with less load time (people switch easily) and your content is easy to understand.


Targeting local audiences through Google Ads is easier on mobile devices. 

If you provide goods or services within a specific geographical area, you can mention your location on your website and Google to show up higher in search results. 


Are you still unsure about taking the first step of your digital marketing journey?

Kick back and do what you do best with SOCIATE.


Our Digital Marketing experts will help with social media management, social media advertising, copywriting, and content creation. Get started today by reaching out to [email protected] 

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