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4 click-worthy ways to increase your engagement on social media


By Shifa Sarguru, SOCIATE’s Copywriting Intern


Are you tired of analysing your engagement on social media?
Are you constantly formulating new strategies to increase engagement?
Are you ready to try out a different approach?


These four tips will help you boost your engagement on social media.
So you can take a step back and focus on creating a long-term strategy for sustainable brand growth.


Create a posting schedule 

Regular posting is important with social media.
Don’t confuse this with the number of times you post in a day.

Regular posting is about creating a consistent schedule that you stick to. Being consistent in your posting will make sure that your audience knows when to expect new content from you.

Post schedulers like Hootsuite and Lately can help you automate your posting.


Pro tip: It’s okay to take a break from social media every now and then.
Just let your audience know in advance that you’ll be silent for a few days.


Engage with your audience 

Think of social media as an ongoing dialogue with your customers.

They want to engage with your brand, so offer up opportunities for interaction. Make your audience feel connected with you by engaging with them in your DMs, sharing their stories, and replying to their comments. By using personal language and being accessible to your audience, you’ll create a loyal customer base. Use Instagram Live to your advantage and host Q&A sessions with industry experts. 


Cross-platform promotion 

Don’t confuse cross-platform promotion with cross-posting.

Cross-selling and cross-posting focus on presenting the same content across different channels, while cross-platform promotion is a method that drives your existing followers to connect with you on other platforms. The internet’s most powerful tool is the ability to hyperlink. By cross-sharing content across multiple platforms, you’re essentially hyperlinking all your profiles and increasing your brand’s visibility. 


Cool concept. What does cross-promotion look like in real life?

– Sharing your latest blog post on Pinterest
– Linking to your Pinterest profile in your Instagram bio
– Adding a link to your Instagram profile under your YouTube videos
– Sharing your hypothetical Instagram giveaway on Twitter and Facebook


Be authentic

Developing a tone of voice that fits your brand is key to standing out and expressing your unique persona.

It’s a chance to unveil your brand’s style and let customers understand more about you – but you’ll have to be consistent. If you’re struggling to develop a brand tone of voice, ask yourself: what do I want to be remembered for? Plan in advance and achieve an authentic voice by:

– Using GIFs and emojis to add personality to your posts
– Using simple, snappy language that can be understood by all demographics of your audience
– Taking advantage of Instagram Reels and video-based platforms to increase engagement

Did you know?
Brands that use videos in their social media marketing achieve
50% more revenue than those that don’t


But of course, if you’re simply not into social media, all these tips can feel overwhelming.
So how about passing it on to our social media superstars?

We will meet you at your budget, chart out a strategy, and keep you posted on your social media channels’ performance and results. Check out our Social Media services here or pick our brain at [email protected]


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