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/ SOCIATE Clients / 3 things we learned from Facebook UAE’s video workshop
things learned from facebook uae video workshop

3 things we learned from Facebook UAE’s video workshop

#teamSOCIATE recently attended a video content workshop hosted by Facebook UAE.
A deeply inspiring and impactful workshop, here are our key takeaways.


Use video content to masterfully narrate your story


Humans are visual beings which is why social media is such a booming success. The avalanche of social media content that has been produced in the past decade is astronomically huge. An age that caters to instant gratification has molded modern content consumers to have shorter attention spans. Use your time in the spotlight to tell a story – you’ve got 15 seconds to nail it. A great tip is to publish your video with the sound off with the option of tapping for sound.


Be aware of your audience’s state of mind when curating video content


When creating video content, do you think about whether your audience is watching it while speed walking to work or lounging on their couch? While the content of your video may be fantastic, the impact it has on its audience will differ depending on their state of mind. If your video is a snackable 15-seconds, chances are it’s more suited to the speed-walking employee mentioned above. Videos that are immersive and longer, maybe even horizontal, are best saved for when your target audience is most likely to be at leisure. Also, is the video you published vertical or horizontal? Pro tip: vertical for bored employee scrolling through social media at the office and horizontal for people cozied up on their couch with attention to spare, to apply it on your business you can try Square Motion social media videos service, they are indeed great when it comes to videos that boost engagements and leads to your products and services.


Engineer video content with intention


Produce a carousel of promotional material ensuring all of it sings from the same song sheet. Take your audience on a journey through your brand’s story. Engage their hearts and mind at the same time with powerful storytelling. Ensure your video content is widely digestible and plays nicely with all kinds of bandwidth. Harness the potential of zooming in, music and visual stimulation. You’ve got 15 seconds to engrave your brand’s message in your audience’s mind. Use them wisely.


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