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How to keep your communications resolutions in the new year


If 2020 has given us anything – it’s time.

Time to reflect. Time to think things over. Time to plan.


Whether you’re a media student with a passion for communications or a tenacious business owner that likes to be involved in all aspects of your business, here are some comms resolutions and how you can keep them.


I want people to talk about my brand online and offline in 2021


Advice from our #OrangeDuck PR team: There are ways to maximise your brand’s presence beyond just your website and social media channels. Getting your brand featured in the media can lead to new leads and a boost in brand awareness. You can either pay for advertising or an advertorial or invest in public relations (which works out as a more affordable option). 


Business owners tend to have impossibly busy schedules so finding the right media contacts, keeping your finger on the pulse of editorial calendars, and pitching your brand until coverage is achieved can be time-consuming. This is where your PR team steps in. Offering tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes, reach out to our PR Manager at [email protected]


I want to know how my brand is performing on social media in 2021


Advice from our #PinkDuck Marketing team: Gone are the days when likes and comments were an accurate measure of your social media performance. The goal on Instagram has now shifted to saves and private shares. This is tied into social media platforms prioritising content that creates genuine value. Saved and privately shared posts indicate that a viewer has “bookmarked” your content and wants to refer to it over time. Kind of like having your favourite books within arm’s reach on your bookshelf or bedside table.


Facebook offers Facebook Insights, Instagram’s business accounts offer a glimpse into your page’s performance while tools like HootSuite and Later also offer data on social media performance. Social media planning, strategising content, capturing and designing content, engaging with customer inquiries and responding to content can be extremely time-consuming; especially if you want to be on the ball and respond instantly. SOCIATE’s Pink Duck social media team can support with content planning, posting, copywriting, community management, and performance analysis. Reach out to our Social Media Manager at [email protected] 


I want synchronicity across my brand’s marketing collateral


Advice from our #PinkDuck copywriting team: Does your website sound formal but your emailers and social media are bubbling over with personality? Sounds like there’s a mismatch with your brand’s tone of voice. Digital communication is the new era of communication with your target audience discovering your brand’s identity, one word at a time. Align all your written content, and nail your unique tone of voice, with our copywriting services. 


We can handle everything from your monthly newsletters to a complete overhaul of your website…and much more. To develop your brand’s personality and identity from scratch, our in-house copywriter can even host a Discovery Session to explore how you should sound online and what words to steer clear of. For copywriting guidance or to smash a personal deadline, reach out to our Copywriter at [email protected] 


I want to create engaging visuals to complement my brand


Advice from our #YellowDuck graphic design team: Check out our graphic designer’s top tips for newbie or casual graphic designers here.


Line up your ducks and get them in a row with SOCIATE in 2021.

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