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SOCIATE PR client, Hotel Indigo, welcomes a surprising guest


It’s just another day in our client Hotel Indigo’s lobby on the first Monday in April.

Some guests check out on time. Some relax and check out a little later.

Front desk waves goodbye to a few four-legged guests, something that happens often with the hotel’s pet-friendly policy.


Then an unexpected guest arrives.

Phones are immediately whipped out, with fingers racing to the camera app.

Moments like this, you just can’t miss. On 1 April, Hotel Indigo welcomes the first guest of its kind. A camel.


It isn’t every day that camels check in at Hotel Indigo. But the PR stunt, nodding to the desert-dwelling UAE icon, got the message out loud and clear. Hotel Indigo in Downtown Dubai welcomes pets, and they mean it. General Manager Laura Eggleton comments, “We understand that pets are part of the family, and leaving them behind can often be a concern for travellers. With our pet-friendly approach, guests can rest assured that their furry loved ones will receive the same level of care and attention as they do”.

Hotel Indigo in Downtown Dubai is delighted to host four-legged guests and their humans, with selected rooms dedicated to guests and their beloved cat or dog.


At SOCIATE, we have a soft spot for camels too.

Humphrey and George can’t wait to check out Hotel Indigo’s breakfast buffet.


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