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3 creative trends we’re weaving into our work


To AI or not to AI.

Staying competitive in an ever-changing world, that seems to be changing at lightning speed.

Overcoming creative block for the millionth time. Being a creative is fun, but no one said it would be easy.


So here are a few emerging trends to keep your eyes on, in case you’ve missed them:


AI: You know about it, but are you keeping up with it? If you’re a creative, we bet you are. 


In late 2023, machine learning was just one of the many savvy tools in a creative’s tool kit (83% of creatives say they use it, but we’re sure this number has grown since). 


And who can blame them? Machine learning and AI tools are like us on a particularly good day, except superhumanly faster.

So while we can try to complete, we know that’ll be a quick race with us left in the dust. After all, we’re not machines.


But we’re pretty good at peacefully coexisting with machines. So while AI is an excellent place to brainstorm ideas, throw stuff at a sounding board to see what sticks, and even philosophise over life’s bigger questions – it needs a human to call the shots.


Ad hoc creativity: Big shoes to fill on a shoestring budget? Been there, done that. The pressure between a problem and the potential behind it is where the magic lies. 


They say necessity is the mother of invention. They were probably on a tight deadline with an even tighter budget when they said that.

So lean into the pressure, try to stay positive (rather than overly caffeinated), and watch those ideas start to roll in.


Keep it natural: Seven hours of screen time a day. Feel seen? You’re not alone. 


You share that statistic with digital users around the world. And if you’re Gen Z, pile two more hours onto that seven.

In a world that’s drenched in digitalism, being natural is your secret weapon. Wondering what we mean? You already know, but let’s break it down.


People like it when something feels human, even if it’s not. We’re not talking about the uncanny valley. That’s another kettle of nightmares.

We mean organic design (ever been to a coffee shop with a living wall and found yourself wanting to move in?).


So inform your creativity with the essence we all share. The essence of being human.


What’ll you do next? Screens aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Neither is AI. 


But the power is in our creative collaboration with these tools. Good things happen when human intuition and AI innovation come together.

And if you’re still on the fence about it all, maybe leave your grocery list planning to AI for now. It’s pretty good at it.


Which reminds me, I’m out of oat milk.

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