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What’s the deal with SEO?

If you have a website for your business, as most people do, then you’re searching for SEO strategies to increase website traffic.

by Kerry Hydari – Head of Copy and Word Nerd


And there’s a wealth of material available to teach you how to use SEO strategies to revamp your web pages. But, as you may be aware, the internet is always developing, so the advice you received from that digital marketing blog in 2019 may no longer be applicable – in fact, it may even hurt your brand.


Which leads us to a big question –  what’s the deal with SEO?


Well, to put it simply, a simplified SEO strategy is the answer to all your problems. Well…maybe not all, but it can help you boost traffic to your website! 


The days of stuffing as many SEO keywords as possible into your website are long gone. You must first investigate what your target audience is interested in learning before you begin writing your content. Google’s powerful algorithm prefers information that is valuable to the reader. Take your time figuring out what that is, hash out your keywords and then get to work.


Your written online content should address your target market’s inquiries with a few SEO keywords, which give significant and compelling information to the reader. Rather than overusing SEO keywords, stick to one keyword per page with three to four references, and be sure to tie it into the content organically. 


To learn more about how to use marketing strategies that can boost online website traffic, click here


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