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Exploring the Pros  and Cons of AI Writing Tools – like ChatGPT

While AI writing tools has come a long way in recent years, it still can’t fully replace the human touch, especially when it comes to copywriting ?


The development of AI writing tools is already revolutionising the way we approach writing. 


Now, the question is: How will these so called AI writing tools change the way copywriters and brands communicate?


There have been some teething pains with the beta version of software like ChatGPT. With any technology, there are pros and cons, so let’s take a brief look at ChatGPT’s pros and cons and what it could mean for YOU and your business.




  1. Time-saving: One of the biggest advantages of AI writing tools is their ability to save time, especially when ideating or brainstorming. These tools can generate content quickly, allowing you to focus on other tasks. They can even draw up basic business plans you can use as a template to get started. But you do need to keep one important thing in mind – AI writing tools can help you if you provide it with a well-written prompt.


  1. Improved spelling and grammar: AI writing tools can correct grammar and spelling errors, making your writing more concise, accurate and professional. 


  1. Personalisation: Some AI writing tools can personalise basic content and prompt you to make changes that will engage your target audience more effectively.


  1. Consistency: with the right prompting, AI writing tools can also ensure that your writing remains consistent in terms of tone, style, and voice. Just add the keywords you feel best represent what you want and watch the magic happen! ✨




  1. Lack of creativity: While AI writing tools can generate content quickly, they can often lack the creative touch or depth a human writer can bring to the table. 


  1. Error-prone: Although AI writing tools can correct spelling and grammar errors, they are not perfect and may still make mistakes (I cannot stress this enough). AI writing tools have also been proven to be inconsistent and factually incorrect. Always double-check any information you receive from an AI generator.


  1. Limited understanding: AI writing tools may struggle to grasp the full extent of the reasoning behind your writing and to understand the context of the piece, which can lead to irrelevant or inaccurate content.


  1. Dependence: Over-reliance on AI writing tools can also lead to a lack of originality and creativity in your writing. Eventually, you may find that you’ve let your own writing skills fade away.


AI writing tools certainly have the potential to improve the writing process significantly, but it’s important to understand both their advantages and limitations. By being aware of these pros and cons, you can use these tools effectively and ensure that your writing remains of high quality.


And what does high quality writing look like?


It establishes a genuine human-to-human connection, which is critical to creating effective marketing campaigns (among other things).


Sure, AI can help with tasks like grammar checks and keyword optimisation, and it may be able to generate simple copy quickly and efficiently, but it still lacks the creativity and emotional intelligence that only humans can bring to your content. 


There are elements of nuance, emotional intelligence and creative thinking that only a professional copywriter can bring to life ?


So, while AI may have its place in the marketing world, and is an exciting tool to explore, its role (at least right now) is to support a skilled copywriter – not replace them.


Let’s give our talented copywriters a shout-out! 


You guys are the ones who bring a personal touch and human connection to content marketing. ?


Without you, we’d miss out on authentic, impactful campaigns that genuinely resonate with the audience. 


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