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What You Need to Know to Create Content that Converts


You’re posting Instagram reels, uploading your blogs, and writing articles for your LinkedIn. Still, you consistently do not see the engagement, interest, or community build around the brand you want – and need. 


Many business owners find themselves in a similar situation. Unfortunately, it ultimately leads them to stop creating consistent brand content or to double down on advertising-style content that will inevitably cause audiences to tune them out.


So… what does an SME owner do?


If you want content that actually converts leads to sales, builds your brand image and creates a strong community of loyal customers, you need to give the people what they want…





From long-form articles to how-to videos, consumers want brands to help them in a way that feels natural and organic – not forced and ‘sales-y’. People aren’t interested in advancing your marketing strategy. Consumers want brands to share information, which is why nearly 82% of marketers actively use value-adding content. And it’s why you should, too.


The next big question is, how do you create value-adding content without a massive team or a big budget?


You and your team can do-it-yourself by following these five straightforward steps we’ve put together to get you started.



  • Identify what your target market needs


First, ask yourself, ‘What are my target audience’s most urgent needs?’ Luckily, your ideal leads and future customers are asking Google a bunch of questions about their problems. You can use sites like AnswerThePublic to map out these queries in an easy to follow format. If you take these questions and turn them into your topics, not only will you give your search results a little boost – you’ll also know you’re directly addressing your target market’s needs.


But keep this in mind – your focus should be on educating, which may seem counterintuitive at first. However, when you show everyone you understand their struggles and you’re here to help, they’re more likely to invest in the solution you’re providing. Remember: It’s not about landing a sale – it’s about helping someone live a better life. 



  • Focus on problems and solutions, not yourself


Right – you have your target audience’s attention by showing you know what they need, but they still don’t love your brand – at least not yet. So, why would you make yourself the centre of attention? People want accurate, relevant information they can trust. They don’t want a list of all the reasons why your products or services are the best. 


If you focus on solving people’s problems instead of trying to ‘sell’ your brand, you’ll show your audience you have more to offer than just your catalogue. Keep it up, and they’ll start to trust your brand for its quality, which will keep them coming back. 


Need an example? Check out Sephora’s Foundation Finder where users can answer a few simple questions to find the perfect match for their skin…which Sephora just happens to sell as well. 


Sephora is an example of a brand delivering solutions to a target audience without stressing about making a sale. By addressing people’s problems, they are focusing on building brand trust and loyalty, which means they will be top-of-mind when it comes to time to make a purchase.



  • Provide a path to follow


How can you answer your target market’s questions and solve their problems in a way that earns their trust?


Instead of taking the approach used in traditional advertising where you shout out to everyone how great you are, think of value-adding marketing as your chance to show your target audience how to solve all those pesky problems. Including actionable steps, like a how-to video or in-depth guide, builds your brand’s credibility and gives people real reasons to believe you offer the best option to solve their problem.


British Business Group member HeroGo offers a great example of this point in action. Take a look at HeroGo’s collection of recipes which are a resource for anyone who needs tasty ways to eliminate food waste in their own kitchens. What could be more actionable than a recipe! 


HereGo gives consumers a path to follow to solve their food waste problems with simple and detailed steps. When you consistently offer your target market a path that moves them from ‘problem’ to ‘solution,’ they’ll understand your brand is ready to help – not just sell a product or service.



  • Attention-grabbing headlines are your friend


There’s one thing we want to point out because it’s just that important for any content, including value-adding content.


Great content has to stand out from a field becoming more crowded with every passing minute. Add to that the fact people’s attention spans have become shorter and shorter. According to Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger Media,


a poor headline will render your article invisible.


Headlines are probably the number one reason people stop to read a blog or watch a video, so you need to grab your target audience’s attention with a headline they just have to check out. 


If you don’t sell yourself in the few short phrases, your content – and its value – will be lost amongst tens of thousands of others. Your content ✨always✨ needs a compelling headline – but don’t worry; there are tools to help you.


And last but not least…



  • Share the stage


It might sound strange to say, but linking to other sources in your content makes your brand more credible. When you link to other sources or host guest blogs, for example, you are showing you know where to find valuable information and you’re more interested in serving your audience than selling to a potential customer. It also shows you’re confident in your brand’s position as a market leader, and you’re unafraid to share those sources.


Value-adding marketing is THE way you can connect with your target audience to build long-lasting relationships with customers who trust you – and you can manage it yourself without breaking your budget. Value-adding content you create will generate the brand loyalty you need to convert leads into sales, if you stick to your strategy and produce and post consistently. 


Now, go show your target market you know their questions, understand their problems and have the solution they need! 


To learn more about how SOCIATE Communications can help with your value-adding marketing strategy, visit our website

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