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Transforming likes into sales with social media


Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


The average social media user spends around 145 minutes scrolling through their social media feed every day.


That’s two and a half hours every day. 

That’s almost eighteen hours a week.


Say goodbye to textbooks and research papers on traditional marketing – social media marketing is the way to go. With clear data and the opportunity to interact with your customers on a one-on-one basis, your business profile can check off all the “must-have” boxes the marketing industry has to offer. An easier see it-click it-buy-it experience keeps competitor cues at bay, especially when there’s nothing but the checkout counter between your product and your audience.


So here’s why you should set up shop on social media: 


Say goodbye to brick-and-mortar stores with Instagram


The hub of all things visual, Instagram made its mark on the market as a photo-sharing application, allowing aspiring creators, visual wizards and the average Joe to share memorable visual content. Now revamped to satisfy shopping needs, the platform has boomed with its new and exciting e-commerce features. Pair stunning images of your products with Instagram’s tip-top shopping interface, and you have yourself an online store your customers just can’t say no to. 


Spearhead your business with Facebook 


With the business reins in your hands, the social media platform gives you complete control over your products, knocking out the need for a middleman. Sell your unique products directly to your customers, monitor your advertisements, and interact with them in real-time (or with chatbots).


Make a colourful splash with Pinterest 


Perfect for exploring colour palettes, outfit ideas and nifty DIY crafts, Pinterest sparks your imagination. Leverage your brand’s position by uploading your product catalogues onto the platform. A collection of boards linked to your website can increase your web traffic and persuade your customers to add-to-cart.


Your customers are online, scrolling and all geared up to shop. The question is, are you ready for them?


The social world can be pretty (let’s be real) overwhelming. Focus on running and growing your business while #teamSOCIATE’s communication pros handle everything from your PR and marketing to your social media and content writing. Get in touch with us for a chat over coffee at [email protected] 

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