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Skill up with SOCIATE – July webinars


We hope you have carved out some time to refine your skills over the past few months. With an increasing number of webinars populating the digital space, there is now a plethora of information that can help anyone upgrade their industry knowledge. We’re glad to see this as a response to a ravenous appetite for knowledge, ideas, and new skills!


We have a FREE webinar for you – Your PR Pains, Answered


With its shape-shifting nature, public relations is a tricky subject to pin down. The average person has their own understanding of this constantly evolving industry. If you’re a PR graduate or a solopreneur looking to do your own brand’s PR, tune into our free webinar to learn about the common trials and tribulations we face. Our PR pros will be discussing everyday PR hurdles, industry quirks, and top tips to get the results you’re after!


When: Tuesday, July 21st at 1:00 PM (UAE time) and 10:00 AM (UK time)

Snag your seat by emailing [email protected]


Marketing meets PR at our next webinar


PR and Marketing are two sides of the same coin. 


They’re both used to reach and create a relationship with a brand’s target audience. Yet, it’s common for them to be siloed into separate departments, with the occasional watercooler conversation connecting the two. 


Enhance your communication strategy by incorporating PR into your Marketing plan. Learn how to create a long-lasting, ever-present relationship with your audience using PR tactics combined with Marketing tools.


When: Tuesday, July 28 at 1:00 PM (UAE time) and 10:00 AM (UK time)
Early Bird ticket: Book your discounted ticket for $14.99 in advance here
Regular ticket: Book your regular ticket for $19.99 here


Want to press play whenever you want? Get our recorded webinars.


Making the time during a hectic day for a webinar can be tricky. Enjoy our webinars at leisure by purchasing a recorded webinar. Drop us an email at [email protected] for our range of popular webinars.


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