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Free SOCIATE webinar – Your marketing pains, answered


How do I plan my social media grid?
How do I add public relations to my marketing mix?
How do I get started with social media advertising?
How much will all this set me back?


If any of this sounds like the hurricane of thoughts swirling around in your head on a daily, get your marketing questions answered at our upcoming webinar. Our first panel session featuring our Founder, Senior PR Executive, and Social Media Manager – #teamSOCIATE will be discussing the most common marketing questions that come their way, and the solutions.


Marketing basics for beginners


Before you launch into the nitty gritty of marketing, make sure you have the basics covered. Put your brand on your audience’s radar using these essential tools you’re sure to find in every marketer’s toolkit. A social media presence, newsletters, a regularly updated blog, and content marketing.


These tools work together to boost your brand’s presence, attracting followers (and potential customers) from every direction. Ensure you’re not bombarding your audience with a pitch every time you post online. Your brand is more than a product or service, it’s an experiential journey. From everything in your marketing toolkit, content marketing is the most important. 91 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing and 86 percent of B2C marketers use content marketing in their strategy


Once you’ve got everything you need in your marketing tool kit, make the most of these tools with a tactful strategy. The marketplace is crowded, so you’ll need to make yourself heard, here’s how to get started.


Want to get your marketing pains answered? Join our webinar!


When: July 7, 12 PM (UAE time) and 9 AM (UK time)
Ticket: Attendance is free! Snag your spot by emailing [email protected]


How can SOCIATE relieve your marketing pains?

If you’d rather focus on running your business than handling its marketing activities, we can help! From 360-degree marketing support and social media management to expert guidance with consultancy hours, design hours, or copywriting hours – get in touch at [email protected] for more information.

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