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Day in the life of a #teamSOCIATE copywriter


By Carolyn McMurray, SOCIATE’S Junior Copywriter & Blogstar


Matcha lattes, runs by the sea, writer’s block, and lots and lots of drafting – this is a day in the life of a #teamSOCIATE copywriter.


First off, a little disclaimer: this is my life. That means whatever crazy or weird thing I do is purely my choice and not that of SOCIATE’s. Just like my 5 am starts. Or my daily ritual of sea-swimming. Or my need to wear pink PJS at my desk. Those are just my weird little habits. So, whether you need a bit of copywriter inspo or want to see what goes on behind the scenes, here’s the real deal. A copywriter’s #dayinthelife, a la Carolyn style.


5 am:

Yes, I really do wake up at that time. How did I get into this habit? Not by sheer self-discipline, but instead by months of conditioning. You see, my boyfriend is a bit of a hardcore ‘push yourself’ kind of guy. He’s a bit like David Goggins, only he was never in the army. One of his latest challenges was to wake up at 5 am and go for a run. I obliged (after all, I wasn’t the one that was going to be waking up at 5 – or so I thought). I soon realised that an alarm doesn’t care whether you intend to sleep in till 6. It’s still going to go off and wake you up in the process. I didn’t choose the 5 am club, the 5 am club chose me.


6 am:

After tossing and turning and watching my boyfriend go for his run (show off) I eventually wake up. Now it’s my turn to get ready for the day. I live in Brighton – Britain’s ultimate seaside town – so I try to make the most of being near the sea. Over the past few months, I’ve developed a sort of craving for cold water swimming. This craving soon became a full-fledged addiction and now every morning starts with a dip in the sea. It’s cold, it’s wet, and it feels like my feet are thawing, but I love it. The sun is just about coming up and the sky is a mix of purple-white light – it’s like the moment the earth really decides to wake up. 


6.30 am:

A quick trip to the bakery for breakfast. Poison of choice – pain au chocolat, matcha latte (extra hot), and a lemon drizzle flapjack. I’m not the poster child for healthy eating by any means.


8 am:

Work starts, and at #teamSOCIATE that always means a quick run-through of tasks and emails. Once that’s cleared up, I work on my first project of the day. This could be anything from social media copy and blogs to a client briefing call. Today, however, it’s a quick run-through of a press release. I proof, edit, and tweak the copy to make sure it’s a perfect fit for the client.



Time to write my weekly blog post for SOCIATE Sofa – what will it be? This is the time I use to oil up my creative gears and get thinking about topics. What’s trending in the agency world? What’s something new I’ve learned? What can I teach our readers? Any new copywriting gems to rave about? If there’s a mental block, I get up and dust myself off – a bit of exercise and a walk by the sea usually does it for me.


10 am:

With the blog post finished and images sourced, it’s time to write up copy for SOCIATE’s internal social media channels. I work collaboratively with other #teamSOCIATE members to craft captions, source artwork, and come up with the catchiest lines. My three main focuses are: @SOCIATE.AE, @SOCIATE.UK, and @SOCIALITE. 


12.30 pm:

When lunchtime rolls around, I’m either devouring a plate of spaghetti or bagels (always one or the other). Oh, and an apple. Thought I’d add in that to give my routine a bit of a #thatgirl aesthetic. 


1.30 pm:

After a quick briefing call with a client, I’m on to my next task – crafting up an exclusive invitation to a MENALAC/Lea Conference ceremony. It’s got to be short, solid, and punchy. 


3 pm:

This is what I call ‘slump hour’ and it’s that time of the day when my energy levels really drop. I usually fix myself a cup of green tea and (another) lemon drizzle flapjack before getting back to the grind. I think it’s super important for copywriters to take mini-breaks – it’s the only way we’re able to properly refresh and reset ourselves. Writing all day, every day isn’t exactly easy.


4 pm:

A quick scan of my emails and I’m alerted to my next task – writing up client news for the week. This could be anything from a new client announcement to a new product line being launched. This week, however, I’m writing about our latest client’s venture into the coffee industry (PercBox here we come!) The weekly news round-up is a great way of keeping our clients in the limelight and updating our readers on any important offers or deals. 


5 pm:

5 pm is my cue to shut down, relax, and take a break. Striking a balance between work and home life is hard for the average copywriter (there’s never a time when we’re not thinking about some kind of copy) but it’s even harder for a remote writer. Working from home has a lot of perks – endless coffee breaks and working in bed – but it’s also a pain. Knowing when to switch off is important and it’s one of the reasons I end my day with a run along the sea.


All in all, a copywriter’s day is pretty jam-packed. If I’m not drafting up the latest news article or blog, I’m busy proofing a client’s copy. And in my spare time? I’m still thinking about copy – why? I love it. It’s my passion, and when something is your passion you’ll always think of ways you can make it better. Bigger. Stronger. And that’s why I’m always on a continuous journey to learn more, write more, read more, and reach all those small copywriting goals I’ve got stored away in my heart.


And PS –


If you’re looking for copywriters with a serious dose of enthusiasm for their work and a genuine passion for writing, SOCIATE’s got you covered. Our wordsmiths don’t just write for a living – it’s their ‘thing.’ It’s their raison d’etre; their career crush. Hit us up at [email protected] for more info or explore our copywriting services.


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