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/ Creative / Doing the digital communication dance: Cracking the emoji code

Doing the digital communication dance: Cracking the emoji code

Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


From the click-clacking of typewriters to the furious tapping away of laptop keys, the era of communications has seen it all. The rise of the apostrophe-created-faces, popularly known as emojis, took the digital communications industry by storm as it waded into both formal and social circles. But like salt in your food, a little can go a long way. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you speak emoji in a work environment. 


Humanize Texts 

It’s easy to forget that you’re speaking to a living human being on the other end of a chat window. Drop an emoji to add a hint of character to the to-do lists you’re sending across and you’re more likely to receive an enthusiastic reply (followed by a thumbs up emoji). 


Grab Attention

There’s nothing more infuriating than pulling out your phone to read a long paragraph on Whatsapp. Using a few bright icons could lighten the conversation – remember to check whether these have double meanings to avoid a sheepish follow-up oops text. 


Know your Audience

Text someone of a younger generation with no emojis and they’ll think you’re mad at them. If you send across the same text to someone of an older age group, they’ll label you “professional”. It’s imperative to know who you’re speaking to before you reach out for the emojis. 


Balance is Key 

A long text with no emojis versus a text with too many – they’re two ends of a spectrum that ultimately leads to the same path: ugh. Aim to strike the perfect balance between the two; if you’re confused, opt for the first one. It’s always safer. 


Wait it out

Press pause on the emojis until you get a clear idea of how your client converses with people on an online platform. Adapt to their conversational style – keep the 🙂 on your face until they give you the go-ahead. 


Communication experts stress the importance of analyzing non-verbal or hidden cues to ensure that your message is effectively understood by your recipient. If emojis get the job done, no one’s stopping you.


It’s no tango and can be tricky – if you’re hunting down tips on ways to communicate with your audience better, contact our Communications experts at [email protected]. 


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