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6 ways to boost your engagement on social media


Written by Shanice Chrisel, SOCIATE’s copywriting intern


If you’re furiously click-clacking away at your keyboard in a desperate hunt to find the most effective ways to alter your business marketing strategies, look no further. 


Here are SOCIATE’s key pointers to smash your KPIs this year:


  • Short videos remain number one:

TikTok’s boom in the social sphere, Instagram and Facebook’s recent change in their User Interface (UI) all hint at the fact that 15-second clips are here to stay. Invest time and energy to whip together fun, multi-clip videos for your audience. Get creative with your tools and add a compelling call-to-action for higher impressions. 


  • Pursue “add to cart” routes:

Virtualise your brick-and-mortar stores and set up shop on Facebook and Instagram. The integration of social media and shopping is an opportunity for you to interrupt your customers’ hour-long scrolling sessions through witty product descriptions and colourful aesthetics. 


  • Collaborate with influencers: 

Social media influencers are the rising titans of the media industry. Utilize their power to sway your customers’ purchasing decisions by discovering a pool of niche talent. They’ll be the big guns you whip out when you introduce a product into the market. Laying out your goals and collaborating is key to reap greater benefits at lower costs. 


  • Virtual events are here for the long haul:

The past year may have forced us to attend business meetings and seminars at the dining table but virtual events are here to stay. The ease in which a mere click of a button can teleport your customers to a corporate convention seems too good to be true for multi-taskers. Tap into this channel and feed their hunger for knowledge by providing them with a higher number of opportunities. 


  • Integration of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) may seem like tech terms that could burn a hole in your pocket but 2021 may just be the year that makes this Back to the Future dream, a reality. Facebook has promised to incorporate AR into its platforms, making it accessible to the general public and of course, your business. Get up close and personal with your customers by providing them with an immersive experience that reveals what your business stands for. 


  • Transform your LinkedIn profile:

Place your business wins in the backseat and shine the spotlight on your teams’ experience in the industry. The suit-and-tie boardroom of the social world, LinkedIn now finds itself lending an ear to pressing socio-economic and political issues. Humanise your brand by employing a stand of transparency to get ahead of your competitors. 


If you’d like to brainstorm ways to reach your customers effectively, contact our team of marketing experts at [email protected]

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