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5 beginner’s tips on creating a PR campaign

Written by SOCIATE’s copywriting intern, Shanice Chrisel


What is a PR campaign?

It’s a series of events put together to generate buzz for your business. The conversation could revolve around an exciting project you’ve taken on, a new product you’re launching into the market or serve as a means of putting out fires. An investment to keep your business relevant, PR campaigns act as ladders that help you climb to the top. It may seem like a daunting process but we’ve got some PR tricks up our sleeve.


  • Define your objectives:

Before you pull out your spreadsheets, step back and look at the bigger picture. List down the goals you want to achieve – laying down a strong foundation will help pave the path for a more effective campaign. A brainstorming session filled with whiteboard scribbles and highlighter ink stains is an indication of time spent well. 


  • Know your “who”:

Make sure your seeds fall on good ground by targeting your PR strategies at specific segments of your customer base. Speak their language to understand them better and of course, serve them better. 


  • Choice of Platform:

Evaluate different platforms based on whether they can effectively reach your target audience or not. You may not be able to reach teenagers on LinkedIn but you can grab their attention on Instagram. Cross off what may not be their cup of tea by taking a close look at their behavior and analyzing their preferences. 


  • Press Release:

Your press release speaks volumes about your company; use it as a means to narrate a captivating story. Use a combination of emotion and striking copy to stand out from the crowd. Pull in a favour and get in touch with a few journalists that cover news in your industry. 


  • Continue to put in the work:

Much like everything in the corporate world, public relations needs continuous effort. Don’t allow your campaign strategies to collect dust after you’ve carried them out. Instead, continue to level with your clients and customers, analyze your ROI and social metrics, find out what your Achilles’ Heel is – and begin the process all over again. 


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