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3 reasons why PR should be in every marketer’s toolbox


Due to its ever-evolving nature, the topic of PR is a hit or miss when it’s brought up in conversation. While some people swear by it, others can’t quite see the value in investing in PR. It’s a common misconception that PR is restricted to celebrities and politics. A sprinkle of PR in your marketing strategy, whether you’re a thought leader or a new restaurant, can go a long way. Here are three ways to boost your brand using the power of PR.


PR explores additional avenues that marketing may not: PR collaborates with the media and social media influencers to reach your brand’s target audience through various platforms. A PR strategy can have your brand placed in newspapers and magazines your target audience reads,  and recommended by bloggers that they follow. PR relies on long-term relationships so you can get featured in more places for less.


PR is more affordable and has a higher return than advertising: A good PR strategy and practitioner will be pitching your brand to the media, social media influencers, and more. They can have your brand’s covered in leading publications where an ad space would cost a small fortune.

One month of PR can result in countless features, so the sky is really the limit.


PR can tell your brand’s story from every angle: A razor-sharp PR practitioner will not just strive to promote your brand but also the unique story and people behind it. Your brand will develop an identity that goes beyond marketing collateral when your spokespeople are interviewed by the media. Opinion pieces and comment opportunities are an excellent way to spark a personal connection with your audience.


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